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US Pokemon Release Dates

 Pokemon Battle Revolution (Wii): June 25, 2007

 Pokemon TCG: Mysterious Treasures (TCG): August 22, 2007

 Pokemon Trading Figure Game (TFG): September 19, 2007

 Pokemon TCG: Secret Wonders (TCG): November 7, 2007

 Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii): December 3, 2007


US Pokemon Events

 Pokemon at Comic-Con International: July 26-29, 2007

 2007 Pokemon TCG World Championships: August 10-12, 2007

 Mystery Treasures Prerelease Tournaments: August 11-26, 2007

 Pokemon TCG Battle Road: September 22-October 14, 2007

 Manaphy Giveaway at Toys "R" Us: September 29, 2007



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Pokemon TCG: Diamond & Pearl - Secret Wonders: November 7th!




Press Release (09/10/07)


Pok?n Trading Card Game Unveils Never-Before Released Forces With Secret Wonders Expansion

Latest Card Release Reveal More Diamond & Pearl Pok?n to Seek, Find, and Catch


Pok?n USA Inc., a worldwide leader in the trading card game industry, today announced the latest Pok?n Trading Card Game expansion, Diamond & Pearl?Secret Wonders, will be released on November 7. The expansion features more than 130 cards, including even more brand-new Pok?n for players to collect for the very first time.


In Secret Wonders, players travel deeper into the Sinnoh region, where they will discover more exciting Pok?n. Pok?n with different versions, each with distinct characteristics; Pok?n with Items that continue to give awesome advantages; more of the useful Unown that work so well as a group; and additional Pok?n LV.X all come together to make Secret Wonders a secret worth uncovering!


The Pok?n TCG: Diamond & Pearl?Secret Wonders expansion will be available in two 60-card theme decks? Powerhouse and Lavaflow?as well as in booster packs. Theme decks and booster packs go on sale in stores on November 7, priced at .99 for the theme decks and .79 for the booster packs. Each booster pack features 10 randomly inserted game cards. Theme decks include a unique coin, an updated rulebook, card list, a oneplayer playmat and damage counters.


For more information, visit www.go-pokemon.com.


Pokemon TCG: Diamond & Pearl - Secret Wonders

Theme Decks


Pokemon TCG: Diamond & Pearl - Secret Wonders

Card Pictures

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Super Smash Bros. Brawl Poke Ball Pokemon: Munchlax!




Munchlax will appear as a Poke Ball item Pokemon in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Munchlax slowly walks around and eats any item it gets.


Super Smash Bros. Brawl will be released on December 3, 2007.




PE2K Comment

Not exactly the most useful ability, but at least it's no Goldeen. Definitely glad to see Munchlax in the game though. The other confirmed Poke Ball item Pokemon includes Chikorita, Goldeen, Groudon, and Deoxys.




Related Links

http://www.smashbros.com/en_us/index.html - Official Super Smash Bros. Brawl Website

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Pokemon Diamond: Best Selling Video Game of the Year!



Press Release (09/06/07)


Wii and Nintendo DS Sales Fuel Pokemon Momentum

Grown Men and Women Rediscover the Games of their Youth


Pok?n games have always been best-sellers. But the huge popularity of the portable Nintendo DS? and the Wii? home video game system has put the Pok?n craze into a whole new category.


Just check out these statistics:

- According to the independent NPD Group, through July Pok?n Diamond is the best-selling video game of the year on any system, while Pok?n Pearl ranks No. 3.

- The newly released Pok?n Battle Revolution already ranks at No. 5 on the list of best-selling Wii games for the year.

- Pok?n Diamond and Pok?n Pearl for Nintendo DS have sold more than 3 million copies in the United States alone.

- Pok?n games have helped boost sales of Nintendo hardware. According to the NPD Group, Wii and Nintendo DS were again the two best-selling video game systems in the United States in July.


"These hard numbers show that the Pok?n franchise and Nintendo's systems are striking a chord with players of all ages and drawing in huge numbers of new players year after year," says George Harrison, Nintendo of America's senior vice president of marketing and corporate communications. "But anecdotally we're also seeing that these new Pok?n games are appealing to older players, the same ones who played the original Pok?n games when they debuted in the United States almost 10 years ago."


Grown men and women with kids of their own proudly announce they are training Pok?n and having a blast doing it. Gamer site www.Penny-Arcade.com ran a four-part comic about the artist's Pok?nia, while Kristin Brandt of ManicMommies.com posted: "I have become obsessed. I have played for many, many hours (I can't even admit to how many ? it's embarrassing)? And I can't seem to stop! There are more Pok?n to capture, more levels to conquer and more badges to earn!"


The Pok?n franchise has sold more than 164 million games worldwide. For more information about Pok?n Battle Revolution, Pok?n Diamond and Pok?n Pearl, visit www.Pokemon-Games.com. Remember that Wii features parental controls that let adults manage the content their children can access. For more information about this and other Wii features, visit Wii.com.




PE2K Comment

No surprise here. Even before Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl were released, they were expected to be the top selling games.

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Pokemon GTS Website: September 15th!



The official Pokemon GTS website will be launched this month on September 15th. The website will contain various GTS information such as most popular traded Pokemon and most popular Pokemon in a certain country. You can bookmark a Pokemon and see what's available and from where. You can also bookmark a country to see what Pokemon trades are going in and going out.


The Pokemon GTS website will be at www.Pokemon-GTS.net (Again, site will be launched on September 15th, so it's not working yet)

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Pokemon in Super Smash Bros Brawl: Pokemon Stadium 2, Gliding, Special Moves!




Pokemon Stadium 2

Pokemon Stadium 2 is a new stage in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Pokemon Stadium 2's terrain will transform into four different types: Electric, Ground, Flying, and Ice. Pokemon will also appear in the background (as you can clearly see in the Ground transformation picture, Dugtrio and Cubone can be seen in the background). [Read More Here: Pokemon Stadium 2]


Also, check out the song for the stage here: Pokemon: Pokemon Stadium/Evolution



Charizard Can Glide

Pokemon Trainer's Charizard will be able to glide in the air with its wings, as well as other characters with wings such as Pit and Meta Knight. [Read More Here: Gliding]





Pokemon Special Moves

Here's some pictures showing the special moves for the Pokemon Trainer's Pokemon. The moves showcased include Squirtle's Waterfall and Withdraw, Bulbasaur's Bullet Seed and Vine Whip, and Charizard's Flamethrower and Rock Smash. [Read More Here: Pokemon Special Moves]




Super Smash Bros. Brawl will be released on December 3, 2007.

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2: Commercials and Video!




Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2: Commercials

Here's some new commercials of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2:

- Commercial #1: http://touch-ds.jp/mediagallery/st78_a.html

- Commercial #2: http://touch-ds.jp/mediagallery/st78_b.html




Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2: Video

Also, here's a 2 minute and 13 seconds long video of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2:

- Video: http://www.nintendo.co.jp/ds/yftj_yfyj/movie/index.html




Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Time Exploration Team and Darkness Exploration Team for the DS will be released in Japan on September 13, 2007. There is currently no US release date available.

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PE2K Polls September - Pokemon Trading Figure Game!



The Pokemon Trading Figure Game will be released later this month, on September 19th. For this month's PE2K Poll, we have a few questions for you on the Pokemon Trading Figure Game:


PE2K Polls September - Pokemon Trading Figure Game

1. Do you plan on getting the Pokemon Trading Figure Game?

2. What do you think about the pricing of the figures (.49 for one/.99 for three)?

3. If you do get the PTFG, will you mainly get it to play, collect, or both?


Make sure to vote in all five polls!


How to Vote

To vote, you must login to the forum, or register for a free account to start voting. The last day for votes will be on May 31st, so be sure to get your votes in! Final results of the polls will be posted here in the news, and the new set of polls will begin next month as well.




For more information on the Pokemon Trading Figure Game, go here: http://www.go-pokemon.com/tfg/

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PE2K: 7th Year Anniversary!



Pokemon Elite 2000 (PE2K) celebrates its 7th year anniversary today. PE2K began as a tiny, tiny spot on the web on August 28, 2000 (hence the 2000 in the name, makes sense doesn't it?). And now, 7 years later, we're a slightly larger spot on the web.


When I first started making the website, I had no idea how to make a website. So it was also the first day I began to learn how to create a website. I worked non-stop that very first day, learning and getting up as much content on the website as possible. I had some visitors, mostly by giving the link to people that I've met through Pokemon chat rooms. If you talked to me at all during that time, you were definitely getting linked. Any of you out there still?


Slowly the site grew larger, as did the forum (though the forum came years later). I hate to repeat myself every year, but I never imagined that so many people would visit the website and forum. It's something you really hope for, but I'm a logical kind of guy, a successful website and forum doesn't just drop into your hands.


So here's to 7 years, and looking forward to making this spot on the web, into a bigger spot on web.

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Special Manaphy Giveaway at Toys "R" Us!


The only way to get Manaphy was through Pokemon Ranger, but now Toys "R" Us will be giving away a special Manaphy. On September 29 (Saturday), during noon and 3:00 PM, just bring your Pokemon Diamond or Pokemon Pearl game to a participating Toys "R" Us store in the United States to get this special Manaphy that will be holding a Red Scarf and will be inside a Cherish Ball (a Pokemon released from a Cherish Ball gets a color animation when it appears). More details will be available at www.pokemon-games.com or www.toysrus.com.


PE2K Comment

Mark your calendars now and make it your mission to get Manaphy. To get Manaphy from Pokemon Ranger, that required time and patience. This method, not only do you get this special Manaphy, but it's just a simple download to your game.

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The New York Times: Remember Squirtle and Jigglypuff?


The New York Time has an article on Pokemon's marketing strategy.


Remember Squirtle and Jigglypuff? They?re Back (The New York Times)




Also in June, Pok?n USA?s trading card unit began shipping a new series of cards featuring the 104 characters created for the Diamond and Pearl introduction (like Piplup, Chimchar and Turtwig) as well as many of the old characters.


It was the first time that new games, a new television season, and a fresh batch of cards were introduced in this country at roughly the same time, Ms. Rawlinson said. ?All the elements support each other,? she said. ?The kids play the Diamond and Pearl games and watch the new shows, and they immediately want to get the new cards.?


Another element of the revival has been a change in toy vendors, from Hasbro to Jakks Pacific, which introduced a new product line. Jeremy Padawer, Jakks?s vice president for brand marketing, said Hasbro had focused on a few main Pok?n characters, but his company is shipping toys that use more than 100 of the 500 characters.


The new merchandise was showcased this summer at the Toys ?R? Us store in Times Square, which opened a temporary Pok?n boutique. Next month, Toys ?R? Us plans to open Pok?n boutiques in its 585 other domestic stores, said Ronald D. Boire, the president of Toys ?R? Us.


Sales of the trading cards this year have already exceeded sales for all of 2006, and by the end of the year are expected to triple last year?s total, according to Pok?n USA. The June 4 debut episode of ?Pok?n Diamond and Pearl? on the Cartoon Network was the top-rated show that day for boys ages 6 to 11.


Total merchandise sales this year are expected to exceed million, compared with less than million last year, Ms. Rawlinson said.


After the overexposure issues of recent years, the company has learned to be more selective about licensing its name. ?We get requests for all kinds of products, but now we turn a lot down,? Ms. Rawlinson said. Would-be Pok?n products that ended up on the reject list include diapers and gerbil cages.


To read the entire article, go here: Remember Squirtle and Jigglypuff? They?re Back




PE2K Comment

Again, the idea of "all the elements support each other," meaning, the new games, new TV show season, and new cards all were introduced around the same time so they help each other. A very important aspect that has been practiced for Pokemon in Japan for a long time, but only recently applied here.

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Pokemon and LunchMakers Instant Win Game!



Pokemon USA has partnered up with LunchMakers that will put Pokemon from Diamond and Pearl on packages of portable, refrigerated meals. The packages will have instant win Pokemon prizes (Instant Win Game ends 2/15/08, or while supplies last, whichever occurs first). An online 2nd chance sweepstakes is also available.



A total of 10,110 prizes will be given out. Grand Prize consists of a trip for two to Pokemon Center, New York City (airfare and hotel for 2 days and 1 night), Pokemon Prize Pack Goodies: Nintendo DS, Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl, Strategy Guide, Pokemon Action Figures, and a Pokemon Learning League subscription (total of 10 winners available, odds are 1 in 3,000,000). First place gets a Pokemon Learning League backpack, Nintendo DS, Pokemon Diamond or Pokemon Pearl, Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl Scenario Guide, and Sinnoh Pokedex (total of 100 winners, odds are 1 in 300,000). Second place gets two Pokemon TV show DVDs (total of 5000 winners, odds are 1 in 6,000). And third place gets a Pokemon Pikachu Figure (total of 5000 winners, odds are 1 in 6,000).


For more information, go here: http://www.lunchmakersgame.com/

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