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Psypoke - The Psychic Pokemon Connection
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Welcome to Psypoke - The Psychic Pok?n Connection, the home of the BEST Pokedex on the Internet! We are very proudly hosted by ClassicGaming and the GameSpy network!

NEW! Our Diamond and Pearl Walkthrough is live!
Click on the Psydex link to the left to get to the Pokedex, updated through Sinnoh.
NEW! The Psydex now includes Cries for all Pokemon!
Check out the Picture Dex for all Pokemon sprites including Diamond and Pearl, and Emerald Animations!

Most recent PsyBlog posts by: Jigglypuff, Krisp, Sneaky Sneasel


Recent Updates:

Happy Monday! - Jigglypuff at 3:49 pm PST 28 Apr 2008
No. No one likes Mondays.

Over the past week, most of the work for the site has been more little bug changes here and there. Keep sending those reports in.

This weekend I also went and added Frost's explanation for IV Inheritance to the Breeding Guide in the PsyLab. Yay Frost!

Oh, and I went and upgraded the forums to the most recent version of phpBB as well. Hooray upgrades.

My finals week has begun. One more week until I get to start working full time instead of studying/hanging out/going to class full time. Hopefully that means more updates. (It will, don't worry.)

Slowly Rising - Jigglypuff at 11:31 am PST 19 Apr 2008
Sorry things have been so quiet still. I'm pretty well back to full health, but I'm still busy. I have, however, had the time to make some fixes to the Smash Bros Section, specifically to the Brawl Characters Page.

I hope to be able to get a little more done as I move into finals soon, but I can't make any promises. Thanks for putting up with me.

Quiet Whispers - Jigglypuff at 11:54 am PST 11 Apr 2008
For those who haven't read my latest blog, I apologize again for the lack of updates recently. I've been busy with schoolwork and managed to get myself sick. I'm still not back on my feet entirely, so this update won't be anything major.

I've managed to comb through and make a few more little bug fixes; mostly typos or things that weren't very clearly explained. Feel free to keep sending more in to us to get fixed; the little things are easy enough to work on any time.

I'm also just going to throw out there that I've got about a month of school left. After that, I should be able to spend a little more time working on the site, so updates should start happening more often again in the beginning of May.

Thanks for your patience.

April Fools - Jigglypuff at 10:45 pm PST 1 Apr 2008
I hope you all enjoyed your April Fools day. I know we all did. Don't worry, the site isn't closing. No, we didn't interview anyone. And the forums are, in fact, not going haywire. Here's a recap of what we did:

1) All over the site and the forums, we added a picture. Either you got a Seaking breaking through the top of the page (YEAH SEAKING!) or a little dancing Psyduck/Slowpoke, which we've dubbed Psypoke.
2) The forums were all messed up. Forums were in the wrong order. Some weren't listed at all, some showed up more than once. Oh, and even though it said "General Discussion," it would take you to "Role Playing." And every time you reloaded the index page, it re-randomized it all. Double the mixup.
3) We posted our EXCLUSIVE interview with a member of the staff developing the next game. If you'll notice, when you read down the list of questions and answers, they spell out "Happy April Fools All." In addition, the name of the person interviewed was completely faked - a cookie for you if you know where I got it from.
4) Following that, I posted a notice that the site had been ordered to be shut down. After 15 seconds, you found yourself back at the regular index page.

So, what did you like? What didn't you like? Let me know what worked well and what didn't; it'll just make things more fun next year.

Happy Fooling, everyone!

CLOSING TIME - Jigglypuff at 5:30 pm PST 1 Apr 2008
I'm not sure how to say this. I'm currently looking at an email that I never expected to receive. It would seem that our posting of the interview earlier this afternoon was in violation of a non-disclosure confidentiality act. Nintendo has ordered that we not only remove the interview from our site, but also remove all content related to their copyrights; that means everything.

For all those who have been with us for these past years, thank you. We're glad to have been here, and only regret that we can't continue to do so.

-Psypoke Elite Four, Lite Four, and Jiggz

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW - Jigglypuff at 12:00 pm PST 1 Apr 2008
That's right, we've managed to secure an EXCLUSIVE interview with the head of the production team for the upcoming Pokemon Opal release!

Mr. Eru Roraito didn't have much to say as we talked to him about his role, but here's a transcript of what went down:

PP: How did you get involved with the project?
ER: Actually, I'm not entirely sure. I've never actually played Pokemon.
PP: Personnel were chosen at random, then?
ER: Probably something like that. I'm new here.
PP: You're quite experienced though, I'm sure.
ER: After all this, I hope so!
PP: Pokemon Opal is the 3rd game of this generation. What are you going to do different?
ER: Right now, we don't know. We're trying to figure out what we have to work with.
PP: I see! So this will be more of a new perspective than a new game?
ER: Looks like it might end up that way. Same game in the end, really.
PP: For sure. But there's bound to be some special features to justify the purchase?
ER: Oh, I don't know. I was just told to be quick and profitable.
PP: Oh. You must know a lot about game design to do that, then?
ER: Little to none. But I have initiative, and most importantly friends!
PP: So this won't end well, will it?
ER: Ah, probably not.
PP: Looks like that's all we need then. Thank you for your time.
ER: Likewise, glad to help.

Remember, you saw it here on Psypoke first; the breaking news about the upcoming Opal version!

Bug Fixes - Jigglypuff at 12:39 pm PST 28 Mar 2008
No major updates or additions to report at this time. I have, however, been spending the past several days working on all sorts of little things around the site. I've mostly been going over old bug reports that got filed away to be "dealt with later" and, well, dealing with them. It hasn't been anything major, just a lot of little things here and there.

For the most part, it's been clearing up explanations in the PsyLab guides. If there are other things that anyone finds in the guides that you feel could use some clarification, either drop a note in the Talkback or send an email. Nice simple little bugs and typos are always good for quick work between classes and things.

In addition to that, you'll notice that I've kinda started playing around with the layout of this page here. I know it looks a little cramped up top now for anyone still running 1024x768. I'll see what I can do to try and clean it up a bit. Any feedback on that is also appreciated.

Finally, just a reminder to check out the Smash Bros. Section and the DP Walkthrough. Both seem to be well-received so far. Thanks for the patience and the support.

A Year in Review - Jigglypuff at 11:50 pm PST 17 Mar 2008
I hope everyone's enjoyed their St. Patty's day. That's not the only special occasion for today though. One year ago today, the Lite Four and myself were appointed webmasters. It's been quite a trip.

To celebrate, I've got some new pages for you. Those of you more familiar with Diamond and Pearl will know about the Battle Tower. We've compiled a list of the Trainers in the tower, all of the Pokemon that any of the various trainers can have, and a list of all available Pokemon by trainer.

I have one last thing for you as well. We've been getting emails about it for months. We've been working on it for months. To tell you the truth, there's still a few things we have to add to it to really "complete" it. But, it does work. We do have a Diamond and Pearl Walkthrough available. My apologies for the fact that in the later parts we're missing some trainer info and PokeMart info; it'll be there soon. In the mean time, check it out. It does have everything you need to get through the game.

For the People Who Are Still Alive - Jigglypuff at 7:02 pm PST 11 Mar 2008
... and haven't forgotten to eat anything since Sunday morning, that is. For those of you who have been playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl non-stop, I hope you're enjoying the game. I've updated the Smash Bros section with pages for Brawl and the Characters. The missing pictures will be added once we have official ones to work with.

Any other problems you notice, please leave a note on the Talkback. Enjoy!

For the Good of All of Us - Jigglypuff at 1:03 pm PST 7 Mar 2008
Some of you may know, others may not, and some may just not care; a game is to be released in the US this weekend. In celebration of this game's release, I'd like to present you with our newest section of the site. Will there be more pages added to it? I guess you'll just have to wait and see what happens....

We Do What We Must Because We Can - Jigglypuff at 12:42 am PST 29 Feb 2008
It's been a busy and interesting week here. The guys at Gamespy have gone and upgraded the servers. (Yay!) This upgrade doesn't do much for you, but it's good for us.

What IS good for you, however, is that we've been busy upgrading things too. Finally, I am proud to be able to present you with the new Damage Calculator. Thanks to lots of hard work by several people, we've finally managed to rebuild the thing from the ground up for the new generation of games. Sorry it took so long, but I hope it's worth it.

If there are any bugs you find with it, leave a note on the Talkback.

It's Hard to Overstate My Satisfaction - Jigglypuff at 8:12 pm PST 22 Feb 2008
And another update this week. Hooray. I've been working on the PsyBlogs again. First, you'll notice that the URL for comments looks a lot neater now.

Oh, and while you're at it, you'll notice that if you're logged in on the forums, you don't have to log in to leave a comment anymore! So, if you've got the forums set to remember you, you shouldn't have to worry about logging in to leave comments anymore! And, if you sign in to leave a comment, you're automatically logged into the forums!

Don't forget to make use of the Talkback if you have any problems.

I'm Making a Note Here - Jigglypuff at 5:20 pm PST 19 Feb 2008
So many updates. Don't mean to flood you all, but there's been quite a bit of work going on lately. Mostly backend stuff, but there's a few more changes you can see. Most noticeably you'll see that comments on the PsyBlogs are now collapsed by default. You can expand and collapse them at will. Yay!

Oh, and with a little luck, the Talkback posts should be fully automatic now. :)

This Was a Triumph - Jigglypuff at 3:45 pm PST 18 Feb 2008
As you may have noticed if you read the blog post about the last update, I've been working on the PsyBlogs a bit. Not only can you add comments now (which seems to be going over really well), but I've reformatted things a bit too.

You'll notice that no more than 5 blogs display at once by default. There's a nice little link at the very bottom to display all the old ones and switch back to only five. Also, you get a preview when you go to make a comment. Yay!

And, what's that on the right side of this update down here? If there's any feedback you'd like to leave regarding any specific update made to the site, now there's a perfect place to do so!

To the Top of the World - Jigglypuff at 3:00 pm PST 13 Feb 2008
For today's site update, please go here.

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The Psypoke Elite Four would like to thank all those who continue to support us and use the site.

Thank you for your continued support.

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