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Hey, Listen!

Some new Link photos are posted thanks to a photoshoot w/ Skypirate - they turned out really well!


Happy April Fools!

Just a little prank this year, didn't have time for anything larger. In case you missed it, here the link.

The rest of the All-Con pics are up.


New Cosplay Pics - part 1

Some new pics are up for Winter Belle, State Alchemist, and Chell from Portal. More will be coming later, these are just some of the first ones posted online.


All-Con yay!

All-Con this past weekend was a blast. I got to meet some great new people and hang out with the TexPlex'ers, plus debuted a new costume! The new costume pics aren't up yet (as many con photographers haven't yet uploaded their galleries) but you can catch a sneak preview in my complete Photo Gallery of All-Con! All in all, a great group of photos await your perusal. Enjoy!

EDIT: W00t. Very much didn't expect all this.


Moblin's Magic Spear

Thanks to for sending scans of the Little Golden Book from 1989, Moblin's Magic Spear. This Zelda-themed book is an interesting look back at early character designs for the Zelda characters.

If anyone out there has scans of other video-game-themed storybooks, coloring books, etc - please send them my way! I'll post them with credit to you.


Cosplay Guides Posted

As the convention season is just beginning, I've been requested to post some helpful tips for cosplay.
Check out the Scaling Props and Accessories page to learn an easy way to make your props the correct size for YOU.
For people new to the hobby, be sure to read "Who Should I Cosplay?" for some suggestions on choosing a character.

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