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Welocome to wicked Pokemon were we have all the games and news about Pokemon.

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A Myspace

Either you have us on myspace or jus heard about it add me, go to display name and type in wickedpokemon.weebly.com if there a picture of manaphy thats us!


Chatroom(has just been added)

A chat room has just been added to wicked pokemon go ahead and check it out


Pokemon Ranger 2!

There has been a new game spotted Pokemon Ranger Bottanage! Not Much is known about this game BUT! we'll keep you on updates...

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon:Explorers of Time and Darkness (coming out soon)

We've have seen those commercials of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon:Explorers of Time and Darkness.Its cocming going to be released on April 20 THIS MONTH! So get yours as soon as possible.This game will have some featues that the old version did'nt because you could rescue other players over wi-fi its better that using password also it will have new Pokemon so keep a good lookout when these games come out!

Mystery Dungeon Time and Darkness:Plot

One night, after taking a personality test, the player falls into the ocean and washes up on a sandy beach, eventually falling unconscious and awakening having turned into a Pokemon. The partner is an aspiring Pokémon who wishes to become a famous explorer, but cannot join the Wigglytuff Guild, the official exploration club, without another member. After helping the partner defeat two Pokémon criminals, a Koffing and a Zubat, your partner suggest that you form an exploration team, and you accept.

You are quickly admitted into the Wigglytuff Guild by the kindhearted Wigglytuff, and her hot-tempered yet well-meaning right hand man Chatot. You get to go on explorations and help Pokemon. However, 90% of your money is given to the Guild to pay off its expenses.

Over the course of the game, with the help of some new and unexpected friends, you try to uncover the mysteries of your coming to this world, (all friends no longer require a Friend Area as in the first game), as well as thwarting an evil plot to control time by a mysterious Pokémon villain, who is difficult to deduce, since there are many suspects of who could really be the mastermind.